Drug Recovery

Drug recovery centers in New York are plentiful and found in concentrations in many parts of the state. There are also a wide variety of types of recovery programs available, rather than having to choose from just a small handful of treatment methods.

Of course the largest number and variety of rehabs are located in and around the five boroughs of New York City. A quick glance shows hundreds of choices, but there are also dozens of others in places like Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Yonkers and more.

So what are some of the things you should be looking for in a drug recovery center?

Since there are so many options in New York for pursuing recovery from drug addiction, there are ways to prioritize the program benefits so that you can find one that will work for you. Some of the main categories that should be considered include the cost and whether or not it will work with your insurance, location and if it should be close to home or far away, setting and average client population, method of rehabilitation philosophies and practices, licensing certification of the center as well as its staff and also the length of time.

Many recovery experts agree that longer-term treatment is more beneficial, however this can be spread out over multiple methods in the continuum of care. For example, if you’re looking for a 90-day program, it could include one week in detox, four weeks in a residential facility and then the remainder in an outpatient setting and support groups.

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